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  1. Prather - $4016.00
  2. Wade - $2886.52
  3. Jackson - $2783.95
  4. O'Connell - $2673.00
  5. Myers - $2452.00

The Mahomet-Seymour Parent Teacher Organization serves the K-5 grades in the Mahomet-Seymour school district. We raise funds to support many PTO programs, such as HANDS Around The World, reading incentive programs, and staff appreciation events. Any additional money is directly allocated for use by the district to serve the needs of children in grades K-5. Our Dawg Walk fundraiser is our only major fundraiser and typically raises about $90,000 from business and organization sponsorship and small contributions gathered by individual students. As students raise funds, they earn different levels of prizes. At the end of the Dawg Walk fundraiser, each student receives the prizes that they have earned, and every student attends a celebration. At the celebration, students walk with their class, have a dance party, and enjoy treats such as popsicles. This year, the Dawg Walk will give every student a t-shirt to celebrate the hard working fundraising of the students and the support of our community.

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